Ext SSD Mac

The internal SSD in some macbook air’s and macbook pro’s are soldered into the logic board. It is easier to put an external NVME SSD in an enclosure and install an operating system on this drive. You can boot into it by pressing the option key after you start up the mac. The computer will… Continue reading Ext SSD Mac

Macbook air 2011 (11inch)

You can replace the SSD inside this machine to increase the total hard drive capacity to 500gb to 1000 gb. This computer can accept the newer NVME SSD with a inexpensive socket. The read and write speeds give new life to an old machine. The memory, unfortunately, cannot be upgraded as it is soldered on… Continue reading Macbook air 2011 (11inch)

Upgrade Mac Computers.

Memory, SSD, and NVME’s can help speed up old computers so thay you can still get a few more years out of them. These options were not available a few years ago. Prices of solid state hard drives have come down such that it makes more sense to upgrade rather than to buy new.